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How You Can Use Holographic Creation to Manifest Your Desires With These Five Step-by-Step Training Courses!

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"I can already see that the site provides lessons that cater to every aspect of
developing myself, for being who I need to become, to create the things
that I want to manifest.
Thea (Senior Thought Leader and Author)

Here's What You'll Learn When You Enroll in the "I Create Power" Holographic Creation Training Program

(All Five Courses are Included):

  • Course One: The basics of creating your reality and why reality sculpting is one of the purposes of life

  • Course Two:  How to use the Daily Holographic Creation Sheet to focus desires and attract all you want

  • Course Three:  How to really identify and clarify what you want for your own happiness and peace
  • Course Four:  Advanced Holographic Creation keys that lead to success in manifesting and powerful focus

  • Course Five:  How to live in holographic time rather than linear time for the greatest joy, wealth, and fulfillment

  • Plus:  Forum access to a talented and creative community of members leading you on to manifest the life of your dreams


christopher westra

From:  Christopher Westra in Gunnison Utah

Dear Friend

In March of 2005 I walked out of prison for the last time.  I worked at this prison as a counselor, yet it was still prison!  You can read the story below about how I manifested a new life with God's help.

People all over the world now know about "The Secret" and the Laws of Attraction, and for good reason. This Holographic Creation Training Program provides in-depth materials that will give you everything you need to succeed in this exciting new frontier of mind power.

Years ago I read the mind power classic Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz.  I've used his visualization methods throughout my life in many areas.  Then one day I read about a book called "The Holographic Universe" by Michael Talbot.  I was never the same again.

Holographic Creation is "Beyond Visualization"

mind powerWhen I read about our holographic world, I combined these ideas, along with the principles of quantum physics, into a book called "I Create Reality - Beyond Visualization".

My I Create Reality book is subtitled, "How You Can Use Holographic Creation to Manifest Your Desires, Even if You Lack Visualization Skills".  This book has been my best seller out of my 11 books and enabled me to "get out of prison" and work from home with my writing.

This Holographic Creation instruction is now available to you in a set of five multimedia courses.  See and discover more below.  I'll provide many reasons why you will benefit from learning from these multi-media courses over an extended period of time.

"I Know I Am In for a Treat"

apryl jensenWhen I visit the I Create Power site--I know I am in for a treat. I can visit the forums and connect with other like-minded individuals, or I can check out the unadvertised bonuses (you are going to love these!)

My favorites are the presentations Christopher narrates himself. He is one of the most sincere people I know--and when I listen, I know it's a friend teaching me.

You learn so much more from an ongoing, multimedia, interactive site than you do simply from reading through an ebook. This is the benefit you get from a membership site.

His members have enjoyed picking their domains and learning to publish on them. Yes, each member gets a free domain to use as their own while a member.

I chose -- nice, huh? And he's hosting it for me! That perk in itself nearly pays for the membership!

Apryl Jensen
Author of Everyday Manifesting

greenlightOpen Right Now for Enrollment

Here is the deal below and I'm open right now...

You can join people from all over the world in manifesting your dreams.

Choose one of the Memberships. Here's the deal.  You get the price of $29 a month as long as you are a member, no matter how much the price goes up in the future.  You may unsubscribe easily at any time.

I'm offering this low price because I want as many people as possible to benefit from the five main I Create Power courses.

Thanks, use this Contact Form if you have quick questions.


puzzled manTo manifest with the Holographic Creation Method, we work on the level of your beliefs.  We take you to the very foundations of your internal programming.  Take this quick Sixty Second IQ Quiz to see how programmed you really are.

The sixty second quiz gives you five simple questions, yet you may not do as well as you think.  I'll let you score yourself after the quiz!  What we do in the Membership Site is identify your ineffective programming and then reprogram with all the effective and useful beliefs and habits you want in your life.

Tattoo Story

Speaking of working on beliefs, let me tell you a story.  In Singapore there lived a tattoo artist who displayed his tattoo designs outside his shop.  One of the designs that customers could choose said, "Born to Lose".  A passerby one day saw that design and angrily confronted the old tattoo artist.

The passerby said in a shocked tone, "You actually put Born to Lose on people's bodies?"

The aged tattoo artist merely replied, "Before tattoo on body, tattoo already on mind."

born to winWhat tattoos do you have on your mind?  These are the foundational beliefs and structures that we change in holographic creation.  We all have some ineffective beliefs, and sometimes we need help in recreating our reality.  The five courses in this membership program will give you the help you need.

You were born to win!  Believe it.

Christopher, how is Holographic Creation different?

With holographic creation, you learn to create incipient matter through the power of the mind.  You literally pre-create situations and events in detail with the holographic creation sheet.

Read this quote by Stephen R. Covey, from his book The 8th Habit:

"Vision is seeing a future state with the mind's eye.  Vision is applied imagination.  All things are created twice:  first, a mental creation; second, a physical creation.  The first creation, vision, is the beginning of the process of reinventing oneself..."

Stephen R. Covey
Author of The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People

Yes, all things are created twice, yet this is why so many people are unsuccessful at manifesting.  They jump straight to the physical world, but this world is only a reflection of the spiritual pre-creation. 

It's a lot like this page you are reading.  This web page is really made up of a lot of html code, but the browser reads this code and then creates this page for you.  This page didn't exist in the form you see it now until you looked at it! 

htmlWhen I create web pages, I have to go back to the source code to make the changes, like in the picture to the left.  Well, that's just what you have to do in your life.  In order to change the physical world, you first must change what you're creating in the spiritual and mental realms.  This is what these five courses teach you to do.

Go ahead and try to change something on this entire web page.  Yes, just a word or two. 

You can't do it because you don't have access to the html code.  I can change it because I do have access.  Holographic creation gives you the access you need to the source code of your reality! That's what makes it different.

What Can I Get If I'm Not Ready to Enroll Yet?

round computerYou can get the ten free lessons on Holographic Manifesting below. 

This ten lesson mini-course will teach you more about the spiritual pre-creation of your reality.  You'll get one lesson every four days and your email address is completely safe.  I detest spam as much as you do and will never share it with anyone.

Sign up below to receive your Mini-Course today.  Check out the ten lessons.

Get Your Ten Lesson Power Mini-Course

I think of everyone who visits my site as a customer whether they purchase anything or not.  I want to give value to every customer, so I'm giving you this free Ten Lesson Mini-Course on Power Manifesting and Holographic Creation.

Learn specific Ways to Manifest Situations, Events, Material Items, Emotions, and Relationships in a Holographic World.

You'll get one lesson every four days, and here are the topics each lesson will cover.

1.  What Exactly is Holographic Creation?
2.  Five Personal Benefits you receive from Holographic Manifesting
3.  The Mind Expanding Power of Extreme Visualization
4.  Exactly Where Does Your Creative Power Come From?
5.  The Gunnison Three Kick Rule, or "Will I Pay the Price?"
6.  The Single Major Manifesting Mistake that Prevents Success
7.  The Second Major Manifesting Mistake People Commonly Make
8.  Three Types of Manifestors.  Which One Are You?
9.  How to Manifest Money (Comes with Free Money Meditation MP3)
10. The Two Most Powerful Ways of Changing Beliefs

Yes, I'll also give you the Money Manifesting Meditation MP3.  You can download it and use it everyday.  Just enter your first name and email in the form below!


fire lines

thin computerIn this membership site, we use technology to teach you the skills of manifesting.  Technology is meant to improve our lives and relationships!  Sometimes we let our computers and our cell phones separate us from each other rather than use them for connecting. 

We take a learner centered approach to manifesting, and not a technology centered approach.  We get your feedback and use it to give you just what you need.

See this quote below from the book Things That Make us Smart:  

"Today we serve technology.  We need to reverse the machine centered point of view and turn it into a person-centered point of view:  Technology should serve us."

Donald A. Norman
Author of Things That Make Us Smart

We can use technology to enhance our humanness and our understanding, and this is one benefit you get when you enroll in these courses.

Another benefit you get from this membership site is a long term learning relationship.  This isn't just an ebook that you read and forget.  These multimedia tutorials and resources are here for you all the time.  Also, new resources (based on your needs) will be added continually.

I use holographic creation daily in my own life.  I strive to find new ways to help others understand the secrets of spiritual pre-creation.  I live what I teach, and give many of my own examples throughout the courses.

If you do what you always have done, you'll get what you've always got.  Are you ready for a change in your life? 

To get different results in your life - You need to do something different!  That makes sense, doesn't it?  Click on the big "different" button below to listen to my friend Tony Brigmon sing a song about how you can do something different.  This fun upbeat song is about two minutes long.


different button

When doing something different in your life, make meta-decisions! 

Hold on Christopher - a Meta-What?

A Meta-Decision.  The term "meta" means beyond, transcending, or greater.  Meta-decisions are decisions that will influence your life for months and even years, not just for the next 20 minutes.

Meta-decisions require commitment!  Wealthy people make meta-decisions.  Let me give you four personal examples.

martial artistDeciding to work out is a simple decision.  Deciding to become a Black Belt in Martial Arts was a meta-decision.

Reading a book to my boys is a decision.  Committing to reading every workday from 8:00 to 8:30 is a meta-decision.

Going out on a date is a snap decision.  When I chose one girl to marry and live with for the rest of my life, that was a meta-decision!

Building a sandpile with my boys was a nice project.  Deciding to build my own home was a major meta-decision.

You get the idea.  You can make a Meta-Decision in your life right now by joining the I Create Power Membership Site.  This one decision will change the course of your life in a powerful positive way. 

What four things are required to enroll in the I Create Power Membership Program?

You will get the most life improvements from these manifesting courses if you will:

  1. Invest some quality time in accessing the resources, lessons, and materials. 

  2. Question some habits, thoughts, practices, and beliefs on an ongoing basis.

  3. Take complete responsibility for your own life, and not act like a victim.

  4. Commit to filling out a Holographic Creation sheet nearly every day.  This focusing tool will boost your manifesting skills!


OK Christopher, but what exactly is Holographic Creation?

The holograms (images) we create electromagnetically with our thoughts are literally made of matter! The matter is more fine and can usually not be seen with our physical eyes.
However, it is real. The matter can be called incipient (beginning) matter.
Any structure made of this fine matter will try to reproduce itself in physical form, or denser matter. The incipient matter image will seek to manifest in the physical world.
This is how all creation works, and this is taught more fully in the I Create Power Courses.

"He who cannot change the very fabric of his thought will never be able to change reality, and will never, therefore, make any progress."

Anwar Sadat
Former President of Egypt

We want you to make progress, and to really create the blueprint and the "matrix" of your desires.  The images you outline in holographic creation will "flesh out" and crystallize into the denser physical matter that you think of as reality!

Well, what if I enroll, and then want to cancel?

Simply, you get a full refund!  If you aren't getting many more times the value than what you invest for the I Create Power Courses, then I want to give you all your money back.  You deserve true value.

guaranteeYou don't even have to contact me at all to unsubscribe or cancel your membership.  You can do it through your PayPal account, or through your I Create Power Membership Page.  It's strictly your decision, so you have nothing to lose to give it a try. 

Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

You can even enroll and then access all the courses in one month if you want, and then cancel.  It's my job to give you so much value every month that you will want to be a member forever.  If I don't do my job, then please cancel your membership.

Thanks Christopher.  How will the training benefit me?

Wouldn't it be amazing to MANIFEST what you want and take part in the GREAT AWAKENING that is occurring on this earth right now? Join in the energy

You probably know of the increases in awareness and consciousness on the planet. Just imagine what it could mean for your life to find out about the reality of the unseen world, and how it responds to the holographic images you create with your mind!

Choose to take part in rejuvenating the entire planet while also Creating What You Want!

You get these specific benefits plus many more:

Hope and Enthusiasm back into your life!

Confidence that your personal creations are growing.

Freedom to live the life you've always wanted and dreamed of.

A powerful new Self-Image that expands your goals and dreams.

Increased energy, purpose, and zest for living a full life.

Practical methods to improve your relationships and emotional balance.

Connections with like minded people also increasing their manifesting skills.

How can I increase my confidence, and feel deserving?

The reason most people don't manifest what they could, is that they truly don't feel they deserve these good things.  Nearly all of us have an inferiority complex.  We don't know who we truly are!

"This brings us to the most important truth of all, a truth which has been taught by all civilizations throughout the ages - that every single person, without exception, is an immortal Spiritual being, a true son or daughter of God.

We have absolutely all the creative power of God, but only to the extent that we can realise God within. The more we can realise God within, the more powerful creators we are plain and simple. 

So we have to start from the position that we are children of God, encourage people to assimilate that great truth, and then to understand the implications – specifically that we are all channels of expression and experience of God, with the freewill to learn by experience."

Adrian Cooper
Author of Our Ultimate Reality

If there's one message I want to spread, it's who you really are as a Child of God, and the power you can creatively manifest.  Keep learning about your true reality, read and learn all you can about creating the life of your dreams, and improve your skills with practice.

Read about the special time limited offer below.

greenlightOpen Right Now for Enrollment

Here is the deal below and I'm open right now...

You can join now and have the opportunity to use these multimedia lessons to increase your manifesting skills.

Choose one of the Memberships. Here's the deal.  You get the price of $29 a month as long as you are a member, no matter how much the price goes up in the future.  You may unsubscribe easily at any time.

I'm offering this low price because I want as many people as possible to benefit from the five main I Create Power courses.

Thanks, use this Contact Form if you have quick questions.


Do You Have Any Testimonials for I Create Power?

Yes, here are a couple of testimonials and more will be posted soon..

"Now is the Time to Decide What I Want Out of Life"

cinnamonToday while at your new wonderful site it became clear, so clear to me that now is the time to decide what I want out of life what makes me happy and it is okay to be happy and to pursue it.

I will be 60 years old soon and I have no time to waste. I look forward to learning and growing with your materials as well as pursuing my other studies.

Thank you again for giving me some of your personal attention today as a member of your new group. What one gets for the price is outstanding.

Rochelle, The Cinnamon Lady

"The Best Learning Environment"

thea westra‘I Create Power’ is just the best learning environment for creating what I want for my life. I can already see that the site provides lessons that cater to every aspect of developing myself, for being who I need to become, to create the things that I want to manifest.

Each time I visit there’s a new surprise, a new bonus or an exciting new lesson to explore. Every step, for helping me with crystallizing my own life goals, is laid out in such a simple to follow manner, and presented in such a clear way.

I look forward to each visit to see what’s new and to see where I can contribute. It truly supports my personal education to be involved in a participant based program, where I have an opportunity to give or receive feedback, and share many expanded ideas, that are related to the many practical manifestation lessons being presented.

I love that the lessons are presented in such a variety of ways, using audios, videos, PDF’s, articles, Word docs. etc, I most love that there’s a community and wiki, at which we get to meet as a learning community to share experiences and insights. Thank you for this wonderful and amazing labyrinth of learning resources, Christopher.

Thea Westra

Senior Thought Leader and Author

"That Magical Community Feel"

gary evansI just wanted to say thank you for putting together such a wonderful membership site and for helping so many people in the process.

I'm pretty new to Holographic Creation, but I'm really loving the way that its based upon creating something in the now and that feels more right to me than doing something based on the future (like visualization).

The feel of your site is already beeming through, its got that magical community feel to it that a lot of other sites can lack. Keep up the FANTASTIC work you're doing! I can't wait to see what other lessons you've got planned.

Gary Evans
Author and Web Creator

"You Sure Take Good Care of Your Members"

daveYou sure take good care of your Members, Christopher!  You just keep on delivering the valuable content.  Thanks for letting me be a part of your I Create Power training.

Dr. Dave Woynarowski M.D.
World's Top Anti-Aging Specialist

Do I Get Any Bonuses?

Yes, there are several unadvertised bonuses, but I will tell you about this one because it's been so popular.  I call it the Web Project, and the idea came from some of the early members on the site.

I discovered in the forums that many members had budding websites and others always wanted a website.  So I allowed each member to choose a domain from a huge list of domains I bought a while ago.  I host this website for them on my Virtual Private Server (VPS) for as long as they are a member.

Each member can do whatever they want with their website.  They can start a business, develop a personal website, or just share and communicate their thoughts to the world. Here's a list of the domains you can choose from:

I also direct you to some free tools you can use to design and publish your website.  It's been so fun to help people launch their websites.  Come join us at the I Create Power Community.

OK Christopher, How Do I Enroll?

You can enroll in I Create Power below.  You can pay with PayPal or with any major Credit Card.  You don't need PayPal to enroll but you can use it if you want.

The $29 monthly membership is available now.  Just hit this button to grab your opportunity.  Lock in your enrollment rate before it's raised.



Christopher Westra

P.S.  This membership site is one of the most rewarding projects I've ever engaged in.  It's an opportunity to work more closely with a smaller number of people.  I invite you to join our I Create Power Community.

P.P.S.  Be bold and make the meta-decision that will improve your life not for weeks but for years to come!  For the cost of a dinner out, you can get access to Power Multimedia Training that will enhance your skills at Creating the Powerful Life You Desire.

Here are some more testimonials about I Create Power

"All Supporting Each Other"

chris cade"I Create Power is one of the most powerful self-development programs in existence.  It is designed so that anybody (even the blind or deaf) can learn through the methods most effective for their learning style, whether it be reading, audio, and even video.  

Just as importantly, I Create Power is a community of like-minded individuals all supporting each other to reach their greatest potential.

The complete abundance and depth of materials ensures that there is never a shortage of support and guidance for me during my spiritual journey."

Chris Cade

"One of the Best Things that Ever Happened"

tamaraI bought "I Create Reality" almost two years ago. Learning about Holographic Creation was one of the best things that ever happened to me. Practicing manifesting in this manner has changed my life in many ways. Your technique is much easier and enjoyable than visualization!

Naturally, when you told me you'd started a new membership site based on this concept, I rushed to it. I immediately felt at home. You write in such a friendly way that I felt drawn into reading and learning more. I especially liked the music background on the First Chakra Movie. I felt the energy flowing through me right away!

Tamara Baruhovich

"A Clear and Surefire Roadmap"

mikeI'm astounded by the massive amount of powerful information you give to your members. You certainly know how to overdeliver. This is unexpected.

You have prepared a clear and surefire roadmap for anyone to achieve their deepest desires and goals in life.

With all the valuable secrets about holographic creation and manifestation you reveal, I'm sure anyone who applies them will experience tremendous positive changes in their life.

Michael Lee
Persuasion Expert and Professional Copywriter

"The Key to Real Success in Manifestation"

tim ongI'm impressed by the amount of content you provide. This is a huge site for anyone interested in mind science/mind power/manifesting. With the forum and the wiki, you're building a great community of like minded people. What a fantastic idea.

I have had the privilege to check the site out and I must say that it is full of powerful information, resources and tips on how to become a conscious manifestor.

You probably know by now that just knowing the basic principles about the Law of Attraction does not make you a deliberate creator. In fact, for some, it only adds to the confusions and frustrations.

The key to real success in manifestation is the many small but crucial steps, insights, tips and realizations that come with years of practice, and Christopher has had plenty of it. He's been manifesting way before The Secret movie even appear on the scene.

Being a member of Christopher's membership site means you will have direct access to the many tips, tools, resources and suggestions that only an experienced manifestor like Christopher can provide. I suggest you check his site out now before he starts to increase the membership fees.

Dr. Tim Ong
Author of From Fear to Love